Why Hire a Professional Disc Golf Course Designer?



Quality:                Many disc golf courses have been designed by volunteer local players or park personnel who may have minimal playing or design experience. Even though some local players may have played many courses, few have ever designed one. Some experienced players have designed courses but typically they do not know how to design a set of tees for beginners or recreational players. Course designs and tee placements should account for skill levels of recreational players thru world class players as desired based on the proposed users for the course. Less experienced people may miss key design elements that make the difference between an average versus good and safe design. Review the following document on "Choosing a Course Designer" to help evaluate my qualifications and those of other designers.


Experience:        I have played and evaluated over 600 courses in the past 24 years to   develop Disc Golf Course Design guidelines adopted by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and am currently chair of that committee. I have been Co-Director of Course Development for the Minnesota Frisbee Association for 20+ years. I've been a key contributor to help develop more courses in the Twin Cities region to become tops among U.S. metro areas. Efforts have literally been at the “grass roots” level by digging holes, painting signs, trimming foliage, weed-whipping under-brush, slopping Sak-Crete, assembling baskets, developing leagues and trudging through the woods doing design fieldwork during Midwestern winters. GPS and software are used to develop more accurate park and course maps where needed.


Cost:                    Not everyone has the funds for a deluxe course. I can show you cost-effective ways to develop your course. I can also connect you with local and national people and resources to enhance and maintain your local disc golf program.                                              Email: ck34@aol.com


Fees:                    $60 per hour (plus expenses)                 $500 per day (plus expenses)


Design fees excluding travel expenses depend on the density of foliage, how much needs to be cleared along with the number of additional sets of tees or pin placements. For 9-hole courses it could run from $500-$2000 and for 18-holes typically runs from $2000-$4000. Courses requiring significant tree removal are the most expensive when significant time is required to oversee that process. I am available most weekdays year-round with sufficient notice and most weekends especially from November through April.

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